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Phloat is a non profit organisation dedicated to bringing about positivity, creativity and wellness. PHLOAT stands for People Helping Lives of Others And Themselves.

apple phloat This is a non political, non-religious group for people in general (not certain sections of the public) for both adults and children (accompanied by an adult).

The hope is for us to create events, situations, documentation, media etc…and a social enterprise where we can come together and promote these values.


Wellness days are a great way to get healthier, pampered and promote living well wellbeing. Because as loving, caring people we need to care for ourselves too.

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FREE PHLOAT Kind Cards are floating around spreading positive thoughts. Post your kind thoughts and actions here. and on twitter #PHLOATIT Kind

kind cards

skills & items market PHLOAT is about People Helping Each other. Skills & Items Market is a barter scheme done through the lovely meetup platform and we are here for people to share and trade.

You can do this by answering  2 main questions what you Offer and what you Want.So its a give and take sharing philosophy. Give it a go.600_445265544


We’ve also created  Bubbleismovement or Bubbleism for short –  bubbly people blowing bubbles in public places. Non toxic and happy scented. Help spread happiness. Curb a crying child. And maybe bring a little peace to a parent.  find out more here
muswell bubble life


Have the chance to be part of history in the making and have some fun at the same time.
PhoatHis random tube 2

If you want to help build it  and volunteer please contact Lisa at phloatuk@gmail.com, telephone 07864917170 or friend us on facebook 

If you have a positive drive and want to get involved then come join in and see if you can help make it happen.  Join in / Events

Skydive for children in need – Some positive stuff We’ve done already



picnic   chi gong  600_451413700


Hope – Create it, see it, share it, feel it, grow it, create it  (cycle)….

share ACTS OF KINDNESS OR STORIES THAT PROMOTE HOPE (however small you think they are) Things you noticed going right. You may just make someone’s day or  change an outlook.

ON Facebook FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ON POSTS & SHARE YOUR STORIES  on HAAK Hope And Acts of Kindness pages (what’s going on in your world, what you’re going through, what you’ve overcome, happy thoughts, ideas, solutions etc..)

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happy dictionary-glasses

We’ve created a happy dictionary page to the site for people to help spread positivity and happiness. We beleve that positive words, create positive thinking and hope this will lead to positive actions.

The word Phloat means to share something. So you can say “Lets have a meal and I will phloat my food with you”

On this site you can Share your thoughts & stuff or add a word to Positive Vocabulary page

Phloat or share your positive words, phrases or thoughts and poems. We’ll check it and post it on the site. To happy days.

At the moment PHLOAT is in its infancy but with your support we can be an outstanding community/ social enterprise.

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