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sad +sad =Smiley-Crying


smile + smile  =really happy

I noticed I had  alot of negativity around me. I was very depressed and had reached a really very low point in my life. I was close to despair and  decided I wanted to do something about it, balance things up and create more positivity.  PHLOAT was born. I think others may have similar goals  and  we can help each other.

lisa avatarLisa creator and organiser

If you want to get involved please contact or via the links below.

telephone: +4407864917170

EC1NE-00200 Meetup link     

twitterorange1 twitter link 

There is so much to do we need help with volunteering,  help with media, social media and publications organisation, positivity spreading, acts of kindness, advertising and much more….

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