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This page is for you to put your positive vocabulary and meanings.

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Positive words encourage positive thoughts leading to positive actions (vice versa and combinations) and hopefully positive experiences, happy people and more…

This can be your understanding of a word or phrase or something you like that  you’ve, heard, seen in a dictionary, other book or somewhere else.

Also describe (tell us about) established words (words in the dictionary) and phrases that you like, find uplifting or inspiring or something you’ve made up yourself and want to include. Where possible please state the source (where you got it from)


phloat speaks2
Phloat  verb  /fləʊt/

1) To share. “I will phloat it to you”

2) To do something positive and (or) creative. ‘Let’s phloat the kindness idea to each other’

3) To post something positive and inspiring.


Describe the word Love
Lisa phloat pic
word from  Lisa     Love is Joy, Peace, Compassion, Communication, Nourishment, Care (without worrying), harmony, charity, wealth, wellness,  positive emotion, learning and awareness,  actions / behaviours (in a good way) protection in a non smothering, non destructive way etc…I think the word love includes all these positives and more. A constructive force within all living things and people, a certain energy an undefinable infinite value, encompassing everything. This sometimes varies from person to person. God is love.

Love the highest, the best  energy (or culmination of energies), a thought (or thoughts),   feelings, emotions, actions, a substance (or substances) and more than we understand at present (always incremented) always more.


frankie phloat

Frankie phrase is ‘Turn the other cheek

means to change your attention, focus on positive thing that make you happy.  Words have power and when I’m talking to your spirit it makes you feel better and that helps me and my spirit. And together we can grow spiritually and help other people.


Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.19.57
Lianna Sez word is “Positive .Joyous , bright and great to be alive”


pen andn scroll
David KallooHello. Why I chose this word. It is is a word that is used to great anyone, stranger or friend. It is universally understood. It opens up conversations, creates friendships and love.”

Nathalie J Schon‘s phrase ”It’s not about puppies, it’s not about cute. Only true kindness makes you phloat.”


phloat speaks2

Bubble-ism –  The art of blowing PHLOAT happy scented bubbles in public places and spreading a bit of cheer.


project define

phloat speaks2
love fest

phloat speaks2
Compassion - from the latin ‘com’ meaning ‘with’ and ‘passion’ the driving force. So if the driving force is love then compassion is real.  Or If passion = love then compassion = true (for anyone into equations)

word from Sophie SoumahCompassion to others in being able to put yourself in others shoes allowing to understand the cause of their behaviour and tolerate it. Compassion to yourself acknowledging that your are human and that it is ok to make mistakes, as you need them to learn and move forward”

raz phloat pic
word from  Raz  Freeman Peace……to have peace of mind, you don’t have to worry, living a stressfree life

leo aok copy
Leo Fitzpatrick is “growing an abundant future

He really likes the proverb “The world is not given to you by your parents, it is loaned to you by your children

 Errol McGlashan  One of my favorite words is a word that doesn’t mean what ,most people think it means and that word is Responsibility - most people think of it in terms of blame or fault but i prefer to see ut as ”The ability to respond’ It is an empowering word when seen in this light Because it’s the only thing that we can have complete control over; our ability to respond. We have little control over what happens to us but we can choose how we can respond.
Winston walters  ” I’m living means being optimistic”

Suharda Entrepreneurial (enterprising spirit) thrives on meeting the next challenges”

african in grass skirt
word from Haile.  ”Wealth The means to provide for yourself and people around you.”

HaileAusar the god within”

word from Jon L  ”Melody (from the prospective of a musical improvisor) to make it sound nice and not just be notes without meaning.”

 Happy Italian gardener ( fizzy  ‘sparkling….. and makes me feel joyful’)


 phloat speaks2

phloat slang define

source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=phloat

phloat speaks2

 Blessup  meaning to love and respect yourself (correct me if I’m wrong on that one).


phloat speaks2

phrase ‘all is calm’ – my understanding is to relax chill etc… (again correct me if that’s not how you understand it)

phloat speaks2

What is Respect?    Partly down to knowing that this may differ from person to person as long as not harming  or putting down others its accepted.

phloat speaks2

Inclusion –Everyone.  peer,  community support, individual, faith, non-faith etc…welcomed by the community to the community


    phloat speaks2

Part of respect for me means knowing that we are all unique and have different points of view but that’s ok and not forcing those points of view on others. Or having to negate or put down someone else in order to strengthen your/ our view. Its about loving yourself and in turn loving others


lisa djembe fb

Lisa Djembe my word is HUMANE – meaning caring for and having compassion for humans and humane beings. In specific showing sympathy, being aware of others needs as well as ones own and acting on this in a kind way.


alesia book

Kwanza word Kujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-ah) means, Self-determination; to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves and referenced in her book.  This word is one of the seven principles of the Nguzo Saba, created by Dr Maulana Karenga.
american indian eagle
Ricky Jay’s word is Unity “Might in unity. There is a lot of strength in this word”

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