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This Page has been created because I want to hear about positive experiences things etc…I’ve decided to create a community and social enterprise in the hope that we can help each other.  I’m not really about the “I am bestowing help” on anyone as I’m not perfect myself. Feel free to write to me at If you are a web designer and or a computer and web genius definitely please  get in touch too.

phloat speaks2
I’d  tried to give up smoking many times before using various methods and paraphernalia sometimes for  a few hours, days, months, years. Its whatever helps you in the end that counts. But when I finally stopped smoking it was simple not complicated.

I was able to breath again,  I was filled with oxygen. I realised I liked oxygen more than poisson. This is a natural way of being. The poisson had taken over my brain and told me a pack of lies. like ‘I couldn’t….’, ‘I would be stressed out without it…” “It calms me down….” This was the addiction talking and  nicotine causing the stress. It created problems in my mind that caused me to believe I needed cigarettes whilst also saying it was hard to give up.

In Reality the most right thinking, natural thing to do is to breath air.  It is what the body is designed to do.  All that needed to happen was for me to like the thing that was good for me more than the thing that was bad. It works for most unnatural addictions.  It was long time ago but I feel good that that nicotine is no longer part of my life.

At one point it had gripped my mind so much so that when I decided to give up and go to a clinic for help I was outside for a good 10 minutes trying to open the door turning the handle with all my might and banging at the door try as I might I couldn’t  (or didn’t think I could) open it. Someone eventually came and said that, that sort of thing happened a few times at the clinic (such was the pull of that addiction).

Food is a bit different, because naturally when we eat our bodies are designed to get nutrients from the food. If the food has none or little of this, we still eat in order to get the right amount of nourishment, just  need more because there is less nutrients in some of the food. Also addictive substances are included. Like transfat, msg etc. On its own certain natural herbs are medicines and if used properly can heal. If poisson is added….(well it speak for itself).

For me I found prayer helped. God filled me with oxygen which I found I quite liked and this helped me kick the habit (no pun intended) . If you are struggling with a negative addiction I hope you find your way out of that a negative cycle and tell others about it. there are various sources available here

I must stress that this group is about people helping each other and neither I nor any members here are the bestower of hope. You’ll create that for yourself.  Though can try to help in any way we can.

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Each song is like a story an experience hence the music between the talks and the words. 

Machel Montana (Soca 2013) – Float                         mqdefault-2

Estas Tonne – Today I’m Brave
Estas Tonne

Eleanor Longden Talk as a hearing voices survivormqdefault



Pianist plays A river runs through you

daniel parker winner 2nd
Daniel Parker – Winner 

sephton's story 
Sephton’s story

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