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Tweeety Bird Story by Lisa Lyons 978-1-943276-48-6

A short children’s fictional story about birds, nature and love of life.

extract: “Each morning the birds would call to the light, singing there various tunes. Kisskadee kisskadee or trill trill trill, high pitched stweeet  stweeet stweeet, depending on where in the world….singing of a plentiful place of love hope and abundance. Singing of the trees nooks and crannies where they made their homes. Who got together with who and who had babies Tweeting about everything….”

Love Life another short children’s book by Lisa Lyons

extract: “Some spirits are very strong and good, lets call them ‘angels,…If you are very quiet and receptive, your heart and mind open to it, they sometimes teach you things very quietly.  Things to do with what I call heaven consciousness, being able to see or perceive bits  of heaven around you. An intensely happy energy, the good in people, seeing the most simple things in an extraordinary  way. For example a ladybird on a leaf and seeing its’ viviid colours anew. Hearing a birds call and its song so sweet it speaks directly a part of your heart that knows heaven is within you. I’m guessing like a rainbow of colors and spirit lights, there is an array of heavenly consciousnesses that makes up the fullness of heaven….

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